The Dance Festival is an annual event hosted in Ali Curung celebrating the traditional culture of the four language groups; Warlpiri, Kaytetye, Allawara and Waramungu. This community led event showcases dance performance, art exhibitions, workshops and local bush tucker. The next Dance Festival will be held in 2021 during NAIDOC week and tickets will be available through


Launching Event and Brainstorming

Event: Community and stakeholder barbecue


Cultural & Creative Workshops with Alekarenge School

Event: Screening of a short documentary series created by students


Organising the Traditional Dance Festival Site

Event: Community brunch to present the work in progress


Building of a Permanent Exhibition on the Traditional Dance Site

Event: Dance rehearsal and launching of the permanent exhibition


Arlpwe Art & Cultural Centre hosted a community barbeque on 15th September 2020 to kick talks about the next edition of the dance festival. Art centre staff and artists put on a hearty meal that was enjoyed by local families, board members, elders, and stakeholders from Alekarenge School, Centre Farm and Barkly Regional Council.

Local art centre worker, Graham Beasley led the brainstorming session inciting passionate and moving conversations about the expectations of the Dance Festival next year. The community want their tradition to be as strong as it was in the 1970s and the younger generations to take part in it.

Grandparents spoke about the importance of sharing culture through traditional practices including artefacts, song and dance. They expressed their desire to invite neighbouring traditional land owners and artists from different communities in the Northern Territory to make next year’s Dance Festival memorable.

The community barbeque was followed by a series of meetings to prepare workshops with Alekarenge school kids and ask for the support of neighbouring communities for the organisation of  a strong festival in 2021.


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