The Artali festival is an annual event celebrating the traditional culture of the four language groups living in Ali Curung: Warlpiri, Kaytetye, Allyawarr and Waramungu. It is a time when community members, services providers, stakeholders and visitors work together, share their skills and experience, enjoy each other’s company and participate in the development and preservation of the Indigenous cultural heritage in Ali Curung community. This year, Ali Curung residents have invited traditional owners and artists from Tennant Creek, Epinarra and Ampilatwatja to partipate in the organisation of the event. They remember the impact of their traditions in the 1970s, when they had a strong body of Elders. On the 9th of June 2021, people from all over Australia are invited to experience a unique blend of visual arts, dance and music performances, bush tucker and Aboriginal knowledge of the land. 



Participate in a series of cultural workshops for kids and adults including:

  • Body painting
  • Jewellery making
  • Bush tucker cooking
  • Introduction to Warlpiri, Allyawar, Warumungu and Kaytetye languages
  • Digital literacy
  • Desart Photography Prize



In the afternoon, dancers from Ali Curung, Tennant Creek, Ampilatwatja and Epinarra will demonstrate traditionnal ceremonial dances. In the evening, the local Aboriginal bands from Utopia and Ali Curung will entertain the public with contemporay music performances on stage.


Visit Arlpwe art gallery and  enjoy a special exhibition putting forward Arlpwe Artists’ vision and knowledge of the land. Painting, artefacts, homeware and more to discover. Artworks created by the Alekarenge school students learning from their Elders will also be displayed. On this special occasion, visitors will be able to save up to 50% on their purchase of artworks and artefacts.



The name Ali Curung comes from a site located within 6 km north of the community, related to a Dog/Dingo dreaming called Alekarenge in the language of the traditional owners of the area. Ali Curung is located 380 km North of Alice Springs and 170 km south of Tennant Creek. No need to have a 4WD vehicle. The community is accessible through a sealed road after the turnoff on the Stuart Highway. Accomadations including hotels and campsites are available outside of the community, at the Devil’s Marble Hotel and Wycliff Well among other places.


The ARTALI festival is for everyone. Everyone is welcome to participate in the event and pay as they feel, through a financial contribution or volunteering. This event is supported by the Northern Territory and the Australian Governments, with the participation of community members and service providers. It was created organically by community members who envision an event as inclusive as possible. Arlpwe Artists and community residents want everyone, including tourists and visitors, to be able to attend the event and support the community, no matter their income. Let’s learn, work and have fun together!


Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre is looking for volunteers to support the local staff in the organisation of the event. Our volunteers can engage in a variety of activities, including but not limited to: communication and marketing, logistics, food and catering, assisting the facilitators on a cultural workshop,  traffic and crowd control, customer service. Please send us an email and we will discuss the opportunities. Contact: 


Ali Curung is a dry community, which means that no alcohol will be available during the event and visitors are required to not bring alcohol with them. The ARTALI Festival will be a COVID-safe event. To protect everyone’s health and safety, stict compliance measures will be in place. Every visitor attending the event will be asked to sign in at the council office.



Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre

PMB 188 Ali Curung (via Alice Springs) NORTHERN TERRITORY, 0872 AUSTRALIA

+61 8 8964 1640