Aaki Dreaming (Valerie Nelson) by Valerie Nakamarra Nelson



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Artist: Valerie Nakamarra Nelson

Catalogue No.: 18-21

Size/medium: 76 cm x 102 cm Painting

Title: Aaki Dreaming (Valerie Nelson)

This dreamtime story comes from Waake west of Taylors crossing South west of Ali Curung. It is my grandmothers country and is the story of Aaki . The Aaki made a bubbling spring and flowed out of a cave. It flowed until two birds with their feet pushed the flowing aaki stream and it flowed from the Waake country and stopped at Wakurlpu until it left the dry creek bed. Later 2 women came with a pardirja and kana ( digging stick and coolamon) and went in the cave and took some Aaki juice and this stopped the Aaki juice from bubbling. This story belongs to Jampinji, Nampijinpa, Jangala, Nangala. My group for this story is Waake. Aaki is a bush plum and is a popular fruit when in season.

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