Boomerang by Alec Petjarr Peterson



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Artist: Alec Petjarr Peterson

Catalogue No.: 08402

Size/medium: Bush Bean Tree Craft

Title: Boomerang

The boomerang I make like I always made. Same way like before. We use boomerang for killing before gun, for making fire, for ceremony. We still use for ceremony like old days all the time we use for ceremony. We use for fire two fella not one two fella we use em for fire like a chainsaw. Too tired one way. We throw this one at kangaroo and we use dog and boomerang. Sometimes one sometimes two. Now we use gun but we make em this way still. The aboriginal men in Central Australia have traditionally made two main types of boomerangs for hunting. This classic boomerang was an important tool for hunting and is shaped from the mulga tree or the bean tree. Today these boomerangs are still important in ceremonial activity.

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