Boomerangs General Comment by George Jungarrayi Ryder



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Artist: George Jungarrayi Ryder

Catalogue No.: 18-163

Size/medium: Craft

Title: Boomerangs General Comment

Boomerangs – Hunting, Fghting, Dance, Returning. Hunting boomerangs are mainly used for hunting kanagroos, emus and the broga bird. It is the heaviest boomerang, mainly used when the men are very close to the animal. It is thrown at the animals legs to slow them down. Fighting boomerangs are used during an attack due to its large (longer) size. Dancing boomerangs play an important role in traditional ceremonies. They are sometimes used to tell the didgeridoo player when to start playing, and to keep beat and rhythm for dancers and the didgeridoo player.

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