Bush medicines – Alyawarra by Sarah Nabangardi Holmes



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Artist: Sarah Nabangardi Holmes

Catalogue No.: 20-12

Size/medium: 76cm x 61cm Painting

Title: Bush medicines – Alyawarra

This painting is about the bush medicines we collect for our family. We still do this today. The blue flowers are of the lump(b)alumpb) bush which grows everywhere after rain. We dig for it like yams and smash them up and boil them. It is like a shampoo for hair and makes our hair lovely and long. The yellow orange one is called Iterra which we smash up and boil and mix in hot fat for colds and skin rash. The green one is good as it stops itching. It is called Arretherr. It is chopped and boiled and mixed in hot fat . We are very happy when we look for the medicines out bush with our families.

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