Jewellery Set: Earrings + Bracelet 03


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Hand painted earrings and bracelet.

Wearing the necklace/bracellet represents a connectedness to the land and its components and also family and relationships between people. Many necklace makers prefer to use red coloured seeds. Bean shaped seeds are also used as they can be found in large qualities and can be found in varying red hues, it is these seeds which are shared among families to represent relatedness. The production of necklaces is a seasonal occupation which is mainly carried out by the women in a community. In the desert regions of Australia seed production and development are dependent on sufficient rainfalls. Women and children gather seeds and pods for necklace making while searching for bush tucker using their traditional knowledge. The seeds are collected while they are still green, they are sorted, cleaned, dried and then drilled or poked using hot wire to create beads for necklace making.


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