Kanta – Bush Coconut by Marlene Napaljarri Murphy



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Artist: Marlene Napaljarri Murphy

Catalogue No.: 21-9

Size/medium: 107 cm x 76 cm Painting

Title: Kanta – Bush Coconut

Bush coconuts are really insect galls that grow on the bloodwood trees and the ladies & children collect them when they are ripe. They are inspected for the black eye and if it is there then they are cracked open with a rock and the small grub inside that makes the gall is eaten. The children like the bush coconut. The tree that it grows on is useful for its sap (likka), it leaves for men’s corroboree on their legs and arms, for shelter and for sugarbag. The sugarbag is dark and is a favourite honey. The leaves are also used by the medicine man for hunting away the evil spirits by warming it in the fire and waving it over the body to take sickness away. The grub if left to maturity becomes a wasp.( Cysticoccus pommiformus)

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