Ngulu -Edible Seed Story Grass Seed by Ethan Wilson



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Artist: Ethan Wilson

Catalogue No.: 14171

Size/medium: 76cm x 52cm acrylic on canvas Painting

Title: Ngulu -Edible Seed Story Grass Seed

Ngulu Dreaming – ( Edible Seeds) Edible seeds are important to the aboriginal people as they formed a large part of their diet. Many of the grasses bear edible seeds. The seeds are collected and traditionally ground using a large and small stone to make a flour and this flour is mixed with water to make damper. Some grass seeds are collected by ants first and then the women will go to the ant’s nest and pick up the seed and clean it. They then put it in a Coolamon and separate the seeds from the sand, twigs and grass. These seeds have been staple food for the Indigenous people before flour was introduced to Australia. The seeds are collected and winnowed into a coolamon then mixed with water and ground into a thick paste and cooked in the hot ashes, and then eaten.

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