No. 7 Boomerang (Hooked) by George Jungarrayi Ryder



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Artist: George Jungarrayi Ryder

Catalogue No.: 16161

Size/medium: Craft

Title: No. 7 Boomerang (Hooked)

The fighting and hunting Boomerang which did not return to the thrower were valued more than the returning Boomerang. Each man owned several. They were used for killing large animals or fighting. These are longer and heavier than the returning type. Boomerangs also had other uses, sharpened edges acted as a sickle for clearing grass, served as a poker or scoop at the fireside, for raking embers or lifting cook food. It’s sharp hardwood ends assisted in dividing an animal carcass, and around the fire at night the Boomerangs were used as a musical instrument.

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