Pikirlyi Dreaming by Joe Japangardi Marshall



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Artist: Joe Japangardi Marshall

Catalogue No.: 10132

Size/medium: 76 cm x 76 cm Painting

Title: Pikirlyi Dreaming

Pikirlyi Dreaming is my fathers dreaming, This is my dreaming story. A Warniyarra going back into the waterhole at Pikirlyi (Vaughan Springs) west of Yuendumu. This snake goes away from the waterhole to travel. When he travels he picks out the name of the people, animals, grass, trees. It is a powerful dreaming. When he comes out of the waterhole he is looking for people who do not follow law and he makes those people sick. When he has done his job he goes back into the waterhole. This story has been passed down from father to father and is a powerful story for us. It makes us think about country and our people and how to behave and look after country.

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