Seven Sisters Story – Warlpiri by Portia Nakamara Daniels



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Artist: Portia Nakamara Daniels

Catalogue No.: 16085

Size/medium: 76 cm x 102 cm Painting

Title: Seven Sisters Story – Warlpiri

This old man tried to get one sister for his wife each time this old man got close he started singing but he frightened them and they run away all the sisters stay together and run away everywhere along the way they collect bush tucker and ngapa (water) as they travel along. They are afraid everytime they see the old mans fire they keep running away all the way across the sky they hear him calling out to them. Buch tucker and around water hole each are represents dreamtime – 2 boomarang for making music he also uses them for hunting. The Sisters using their own songs day and nighttime. He doesn’t stop following them each time they stop he starts to catch up , they then start up and run away, they just keep running.

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