Witchetty Grub by Martha Nakamarra Poulson



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Artist: Martha Nakamarra Poulson

Catalogue No.: 11204

Size/medium: 77cm x 77cm acrylic on canvas Painting

Title: Witchetty Grub

Witchetty grubs live in the roots of trees in the ground. Witchetty are an edible species of grub. The grubs can be eaten natural or briefly cooked on the coals of a fire and they have a nutty flavour. They hunt with their digging sticks and the coolamon. You can also find grubs in the Coolabah tree. There are some we get from the roots and some from the branches. There are witchetty from the bean tree, from Ngalkirra, Mulurrpa, from the snappy gum and from Kalkati. The only coloured witchetty is from Kalkati and is purple coloured. The one from the snappy gum is pink Witchetty was given to the baby raw to make him grow fat.

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