Yarla Bush Potato by Marlene Napaljarri Murphy



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Artist: Marlene Napaljarri Murphy

Catalogue No.: 20-178

Size/medium: 30 cm x 40 cm Painting Prestreched

Title: Yarla Bush Potato

Yarla Bush Potato ( Anaty – Alyawarra.) Yarla is found around soft sandhill country during the winter. It is one of the most popular bush foods eaten on its own. It is usually cooked in the coals .The potato comes from a small shrub and the ladies know where to dig for the potato because of the cracks in the earth along the root system leading to the plant. Sometimes the potato is shallow while other times it may be two metres into the ground. The women go out to collect the yarla and use digging sticks to stab the earth and listen for the hollow sound. If it has a hollow sound they dig at that point. The size of the yarla vary from about 7 cm to 60 cm.

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