Yerrermpe (Honey Ants) by Zeza Nampijinpa/Nakamarra Egan



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Artist: Zeza Nampijinpa/Nakamarra Egan

Catalogue No.: 20-72

Size/medium: 30 cm x 30 cm Painting Prestreched

Title: Yerrermpe (Honey Ants)

The honey ants can only be found underground in the red sand near the mulga groves. During the rains, they move their eggs to a safe place. Honeyant is one of our favourite bushtucker and after rain the honey ant gets so big with honey. We find the hole in the ground that belongs to them and then four women will dig around the tree. The women use their digging sticks to dig. Sometimes only the ladies head are showing because they dig such a deep hole. We call this Yerrermpe and we bite the ant for the honey. It is very sweet not like sugarbag because there is no wax or dead bees in the honey.

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