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Long Lost Land, 107x92cm

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Warrick Miller Japangardi

Acrylic on Linen

107 x 92cm

My grandfather's grandfather was from Kintore, a remote settlement about 530 km west of Alice Springs and 40 km from the border with Western Australia. This painting represents what the land looks like today. Some people from Papanya, from the west of the Territory want to go there but they don't find it anymore. It's still there. There are still some Elders living in Kintore and Papanya but the don't stay in that area anymore. They've been taken away from the land and now when they want to go there, they can't find it. The long lost land was one big area. The ancestors used to speak to the land and the land would speak to them. Now we have lost the connection to the land. We've still got the song lines and ceremonies for that but it's just for initiation. The land is extinct, just big blocks of darkness. It should be a landscape but now we are lost, it's a maze in the dark. The dots are all we can see, the colours of the land. We still can see the sand, the trees the plants, the nature, but we can't read the land anymore.

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