Discover a variety of paintings, craft and jewellery made by the artists of Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre in Ali Curung. Support the community by purchasing directly at the art centre through our website.

Arlpwe (pronounced Arlboe) means “…this country all over, no waterhole, no rivers, only soakage and spinifex country” – Mr Mick Waake


 The Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre was opened in 2008.

The name Arlpwe (pronounced Arlboe) was chosen for the Art Centre by the traditional land owners.

The traditional owners of this land belong to the Katetye language group with Allawara, Warlpiri and Warumungu being the three other language groups that form the community.


The art studio is open to the general public from 10am to 2pm Monday to Thursday. Learn about Aboriginal art and craft. See the artists at work in the women’s and men’s studio. Take part in the dance festival. 


The art gallery is open to the general public by appointment. Discover artworks and artefacts. Visit the bush tucker garden. Collaborate on art projects. 

Visitors are encouraged to turn off the Stuart Highway and travel to Ali Curung to view the artworks, and meet the artists and artworkers.

Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre is part of the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair in 2021!


Arlpwe Art & Cultural Centre welcomes volunteers, interns, researchers and artists to be hosted in community and participate in the creative development of the centre. Arlpwe is currently seeking assistance with the following projects:

  • Curation of the Arlpwe art gallery
  • Fine art studio skills; stretching canvases and colour mixing
  • Documentation of artist stories and media lab content creation
  • Cultivation and maintenance of Arlpwe’s bush tucker garden
  • Contribution to an outdoor permanent exhibition
  • Construction work on the Traditional Dance site

Participants will be working with the local artists, workers and community members and will gain insight into the daily runnings of a remote Aboriginal Art Centre and Gallery. We are committed to supporting participants achieve their learning outcomes and ensuring they work safely within the community’s cultural procedures and protocols.

Onsite accommodation will be provided in exchange for assistance with general art studio and gallery activities. Please get in touch at for any further details and availability. 

Throughout the year, Arlpwe Art & Cultural Centre organises weekly art workshops facilitated by local artists. They are open to community members and visitors.

Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre holds a cultural festival every year in June, to celebrate the traditions and cultures of the four Aboriginal language groups living in Ali Curung. 


Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre

PMB 188 Ali Curung (via Alice Springs) NORTHERN TERRITORY, 0872 AUSTRALIA

+61 8 8964 1640