Off The Beaten Track
Japinka Gallery, Fremantle, WA
April 8th - May 19th 2022.

Five emerging and established painters from Arlpwe Art and Culture come together for a survey exhibition at Japinka Gallery in Fremantle's historic west end.

‘I think there’s a bit of an Ali Curung renaissance taking place’ says Arts Manager Levi McLean. ‘It’s not a place that’s well known for painting, although there has been a history of exceptional carvers in the past. I don’t think the painting has really been on the radar until now. I think that is about to change. The work is beautiful, fresh, and profound, and it’s wonderful that Japingka can share that with a global audience. It’s a really exciting time.’

To view the exhibition catalogue and for sales inquiries, see https://japingkaaboriginalart.com/collections/arlpwe-artists-off-beaten-track/

Alekerange Twempere II (Ali Curung Sandhills), 152 x 123cm
Synthetic polymer on linen
Sonya Murphy Napaljarri 


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