Collection: Clifford Thompson Japaljarri

Clifford Thompson Japaljarri is Warlpiri man who paints between the Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre and Nyinkka Nyunyu, where he is a member of the contemporary men's painting group, The Tennant Creek Brio.

Clifford draws on a broad range of influences, from traditional Warlpiri ceremony designs to graffiti culture. Beside being a painter, Clifford is an adept ceramicist.

Clifford has recently been exhibited with the Tennant Creek Brio at the 2020 Sydney Biennale, in Alice Springs at Raft Art Space (Are you looking at me?, 2021) and at Modern Times as part of the NGV's Melbourne design week (The Borderers, 2022). Clifford will also have ceramic pieces on display at the 2022 Australian Ceramics Triennale in Alice Springs.

Clifford Thompson Japaljarri

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