Collection: Sonya Murphy Napaljarri

Sonya Murphy Napaljarri was born in Alice Springs in 1982. She first grew up in Mungkarta 90km south west from Tennant Creek. From her father side, she belongs to the Warumungu language group, and from her mother's side, the Warlpiri and Kaytetye language groups. Sonya started to learn painting when she was 12 years old, watching her grandmother and aunties paint and replicating their designs.

In the Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre painting studio where Sonya works as a studio assistant, her ability to manipulate and create unique colours is heavily relied upon. In many of Sonya’s works, she uses her brush to blend white with orange, yellow and red oxide. Her authoritative repetition and feel for rhythm foster hypnotic landscapes.

Sonya is an emerging leader in the community, being heavily involved in cultural activities as well as residing on the boards of Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre and Desart.

Sonya Murphy Napaljarri