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Maria Napanangka Dickenson

Miyikampi, 91x91cm

Miyikampi, 91x91cm

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Maria Dickenson Napanangka

Acrylic on canvas

91 x 91 cm

"This is my Grandfather's Country, Mikampy, out South-West of Tennant Creek. When I go there, for Country visits, I stand and look at the sandhills. Makes me think of my Grandfather and my family.

My Grandfather used to live there in the old days and they never moved anywhere. They
lived there. When I go there, they tell me stories, those old ladies. About when they used
to stay there when they were young. Stories about going around in that nice, beautiful
landscape. Going around everywhere, living traditional way.

When we're going towards that place, on Country visits, we can always tell when we are
getting close to his Country when we see the sandhills. We think "we're closer now".
When I am was painting this, for me I was thinking about when you have sandhills, any kind of thing, the shapes. Some can be red, some can be brown, from long distance you can see green and purple in the shadows, at the top. Especially when the sun sets, in the distance you can see those colours.

I like to do landscapes, with all of these little dots. Those white dots make the colours come out better and show the landscape. They also make me think of all of the seeds that are out there, on Country."

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